Beautiful classic invitation feature today, starring Stelloberry Designs from Sydney, Australia! Stephanie is here to talk about the process and the design — take it away Stephanie!

This wedding was by far one of the most interesting ones I’ve had to design for in awhile, partly because it was such a small wedding (only 20 guests were on the invite list) and partly because of the time-frame. I first met Yasong and Yi in early June this year and found out at our first consultation that their wedding was in early July – only 5 weeks away!

The pressure was on to create a beautiful custom designed suite in less than a month — lucky for me, the gorgeous couple and their wedding planner Jen from Bells N Whistles Events were an absolute joy to work with, making the design process a breeze.

Yasong and Yi wanted their wedding to be natural, elegant and sweet, which immediately brought to mind visions of a timeless and classic invitation design. Although the couple had initially settled on white as their theme colour, after browsing through my portfolio, the groom took to a dusty pink flower in one of my previous designs, so I ended up using that colour throughout their suite.

Included in the design of the stationery were two monograms that I created for the couple – one with the initials of their first names for the front of the invitation and one with the initials of their family names that was used inside.

The combination of the decorative borders, damask, and a lovely script font gave the invitation classical prettiness. Most importantly, the bride and groom loved the design of their stationery, which made me very happy indeed!

Thank you Stephanie! For more of Stelloberry Design’s invitations and design work, head to their WeddingInviteLove profile or straight to their website.

Photo Credit: All images provided by Stelloberry Designs.

July was quite an exciting month for our humble wedding invitation vendor directory — we kicked off WeddingInviteLove Vendor Month, dedicated to rewarding existing members as well as any new profiles that month! At the end, WeddingInviteLove had twice as many new profiles in July than June, and today we have 273 approved vendors total!

I spent last night tallying up all the entries, and here are the winners of the giveaway!

Winning vendor who signed up before July:


Congratulations to YellowBrick Graphics!

Winning vendor who signed up in July:


Congratulations to Margaret Li Calligraphy!

Both of the above winners will receive one year of an upgraded account on WeddingInviteLove, as well as six months of a Social Butterfly account on SocialGrapple to track and improve your brand on Twitter.

Winner of the typographic letterpress poster by Cameron Moll:


Congratulations to greet!

The winners of the WeddingInviteLove upgrades will be automatically upgraded and I’ll be emailing instructions to activate their SocialGrapple account. The winner of the poster will be emailed to get their address to ship the beautiful piece of art!

Congrats to all, and thank you to all vendors who have supported WeddingInviteLove!

Photo credit: Aubreyarenas on Flickr

Merrymint Designs has always had one of my favorite invitation vendor profiles on WeddingInviteLove (seriously, go check it out), and once you combine that with their gorgeous and unique invitation designs, you can see why they’re our featured vendor this week!

Thanks to Merrymint Designs for supporting WeddingInviteLove. Check out their profile on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight to their website for more!

Phew, it’s been a busy few days for me behind the scenes — apologies for the lack of blogging! But big awesome things are happening, I assure you…!

Photo above is from the first invitation meetup in San Francisco last week! We didn’t get many pictures (I’m kicking myself for not getting a group one), but it was a great couple of hours talking about the “business” and other fun things over snacks, dinner, and wine. See more photos here!

The next meetup is tentatively scheduled around the last week of August to the first weekend in September. Any thoughts on whether a mid-week happy hour or a weekend date would be better?

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Newest WeddingInviteLove vendors:

Off to go camping in Big Sur — see y’all next week!

One of my favorite artists and designers on WeddingInviteLove, Courtney Khail Stationery & Design, is here to talk about a beautiful new invitation design of hers! Such beautiful paint and handwriting — this invitations would blow me away if I got them in the mail.

I created these invitations for Stephanie and Josh’s summer wedding. They knew they wanted to use my bee/honeycomb design (which I was very excited about because it is one of my favorite designs to paint) but virtually let me have free rein on designing the different layouts options. I personally love the look of combining type with handwritten elements so I made sure to include that in one of the design options I sent them and happily they loved it as well.

By having their names handwritten, they not only jump out at you first, but they also bring a more intimate feeling to the invitation. (And because I printed the pieces from an original as opposed to hand writing each one, I was able to provide them a touch of my handwritten option without the handwritten price tag.)

As an extra touch, I carried the honeycomb design over onto the back of the invitation where my logo sits. This way, if their guests did the Hallmark card flip (something I’m very guilty of) they would be met with an unexpected burst of color instead of just a plain white back. It’s all about the little things, right?

Thank you Courtney! See more of Courtney’s beautiful stationery work on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight to her website.

I’ve been a huge fan of The Aerialist Press ever since a friend recommended them for WeddingInviteLove after having a great experience with them on their wedding invitations. Their portfolio image is beautifully quirky, with great typography and two color letterpress; and this week, I’ve chosen them to be our featured vendor! Congratulations to The Aerialist Press, and see more of their beautiful letterpress on their website.

Happy Monday! Check out this great Kickstarter project from A Fine Press, who is undertaking a mission to acquire and refurbish a beautiful vintage letterpress with amazing history. About the letterpress itself and the work that needs to be done:

When I moved from Cleveland, Ohio to Lakeland, Florida (the swan city) in the year 2000, I was unaware that I was repeating the path of a Chandler and Price 8×12 New Style letterpress, which had made the trip more than eighty years earlier.


Like many letterpresses extant, this one has been used exclusively for die-cutting for more than a decade and has sat un-used for several years. I need your help in acquiring this piece of Lakeland history and bringing it back to its prime working condition. The press appears to be in great shape, but needs a thorough cleaning (it’s covered in sawdust and gunk) and some additional parts to adapt it to modern letterpress printing.  This project is designed to fund:

  • the press
  • a new motor
  • rollers
  • an aluminum base
  • photopolymer plates
  • ink
  • paper
  • rent – our floors can’t handle this half-ton monster

I’ve figured, in total, it will cost approximately $4,250 to bring this press to printing life and get the plates and paper necessary to give you the goods.

They’re a quarter of the way to funding with 11 days left to go. It’s a great project to support — every backer gets some goodies as a reward as well as the good feelings of helping out a letterpress printer. I donated $50, head over and support Swan City Press as well!


The invitation meetup is tonight — it’s going to be small (about six people) but I’ll be providing some snacks and wine, so it should be fun! Anyone is welcome, we’re holding it in SOMA in San Francisco, and there should be more happening around in other cities soon!

Last night was also the Two Bright Lights blogger/photographer party in SF — so much fun. Did anyone else attend?

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo credit: rromer22

When you think of a traditional, classical wedding invitation, swashes come to mind — either by computer font, illustration, or calligraphy, swashes lend a beautiful elegance to wedding invitations. Here’s the roundup of beautiful swashy designs on WeddingInviteLove!

Parrott Design Studio


Merrymint Designs




a fine press


The White Aisle


Leslie Vega Design




Invitation Creations, LLC


Girl Metro, Inc.

I tallied up the blog posts, tweets, and Facebook likes for a grand total of 453 entries to the July WeddingInviteLove Giveaway! Once they were tallied up in my spreadsheet, I picked a random number from, and the winner is…

…who wrote a blog post about the contest. Congratulations to Maki!

Thanks all for entering, and next month we’ll hold another giveaway of beautiful paper items!