Yay, green! It’s cloudy out, which I love, because it makes all the colors stand out, especially the trees, grass, and other plants. It’s a wonderful cool springtime day. I chose these invitations because they match my “green” and spring mood right now — enjoy!

The Aerialist Press


Creative Outlook Designs


e.m. papers


Girl Metro, Inc.


Hello Tenfold


JWD Paperie


Lisa Samartino Atelier


Marit Hanson Weddings


Merrymint Designs


That’s all for today, have a great Wednesday everyone!

Really adorable invitation here today by Something Green Weddings. It’s so great to see cards that break out of the flower+swooshy-font invitation mold. Should remind all of us that weddings should be fun affairs and we shouldn’t take them too seriously!

I first started Something Green after making invitations for a few friends’ weddings. Their designs were more traditional, and I initially started making traditional designs when we first opened. However I wanted to try something new and unique.

I’m constantly doodling and always trying to make cutesy things so I decided to try a different style of wedding invitations. For some reason I have a habit of adding faces to drawings of food and inanimate objects. Because of this, I created the PB&J card design.  Two cute little toasts with peanut butter & jam spread on them, who spread the love by inviting people to their wedding.

It’s a cute twist on a classic pairing, because nothing goes better together than good ol’ peanut butter & jelly.

We have since come out with some more uniquely designed invitations and plan on adding more to the catalogue in the future. These post-card style cards are available as Invitations, RSVPs, Save the dates, and thank you cards.

Thank you for sharing that with us, Corinne! Go check out Something Green Weddings’ profile on WeddingInviteLove, or head directly to their website.


I was idly browsing WeddingInviteLove and The White Aisle caught my attention with their classic invitation designs combined with beautiful typography and illustration. So I’ve chosen them to be the featured WeddingInviteLove vendor for the 4th week of May — congrats to them!

Biggest, most important news first — WeddingInviteLove has hit 200 201 vendors! The site launched mid January and I can’t be prouder of how far it’s come in such short time (especially since I’m the only one working on it!). Go check out Nicole Francesca, the 200th vendor (pictured above). :)

Multiple wrap-ups for the week!

National Stationery Show recap:

Notable links:

New WeddingInviteLove vendors:

I’m off to my cabin in the mountains for some good non-computer time. See you all on Monday!

Red is my favorite color — it has such lovely meanings such as love, passion, heat, and others. Which means it’s perfect for a wedding, bringing warmth and love to your invitations! Here’s my roundup of invitation designs featuring red:

Bella Figura


Bloom Art & Design




Emma Smith Event Stationery


Faye & Co.



Girl Metro, Inc.


Lisa Samartino Atelier


Merrymint Designs


Swiss Cottage Designs


Thomas-Printers Invitations


Here’s my last roundup of WeddingInviteLove-listed vendors! I hope everyone had a successful time at the show. :)

Syd Design — one of the friendliest people at the show.

Chewing the Cud wasn’t showing off their great invitation designs, but instead featuring their fabric wrap and stamp collection. I’m in love with the prints on the fabric — buy a wrap here.

That’s it! A special shout-out goes to Tag & Company since I missed taking pictures of their booth. If you’re listed on WeddingInviteLove and I missed you (my worst nightmare), please let me know and I’ll at least give you a shout-out as well. :)


I think the Let’s Talk Stationery forum is the nicest place on the internet for anyone involved in the stationery industry. The stationers there were some of my earliest vendors on WeddingInviteLove, and have been so supportive. I’ve also learned a ton about the stationery industry on there since I’m still quite the newbie — I’ve been doing web design for too long!

I attended the brunch on Tuesday and took some photos of the fun:

(Group shot taken by Cherish Paperie)

Highly recommend any stationers to join the forum — it’s $50/year and it’s a really great group of people!


I love that there are WeddingInviteLove vendors at the National Stationery Show, since it meant I could run up to them and thank them in person for signing up for the directory! Here are some of the lovely booths I saw on Monday. :)

Oblation Papers — how cool is that sign?

Bella Figura — so much gorgeous design.

Thomas-Printers Invitations — top-notch letterpress printing, and they work with such fantastic designers.

Another round up of WeddingInviteLove vendors will be posted tomorrow!


Time to take a break from the National Stationery Show coverage! This week’s featured invitation is by Artseed Weddings, a beautiful invitation set with letterpress details.

Hello! Eva-Lena Rehnmark here from Artseed Weddings. I am an illustrator/designer with a passion for beautiful, personal weddings. Wedding design is a creative and collaborative process to me. It is really a special experience to create an illustration for a couple that will come to represent their wedding to their family and friends. Coming from the professional world of book illustration I take pride in accepting direction when offered and offering direction when needed.

With this invitation suite the bridal couple (John and Holly) contacted me with the idea that they wanted a floral design on their invitation, maybe poppies or agapanthus. I sketched out both and they liked aspects of each flower.

I researched the flowers further and discovered that the agapanthus is the flower of love/ love letters : The genus name, “Agapanthus” is derived from two Greek words: “agape.” which means “love,” and “anthos,” which means “flower”. Taken together, the agapanthus is the flower of love. It is sometimes also known as “African lily” and “lily of the Nile,” tributes to its African origins. I suggested sticking with the agapanthus which had such a lovely symbolism. The bride agreed, adding “I agree with you on the agapanthus – I have loved them since I was a kid and they filled my mom’s garden – they remind me of fireworks which I love.  I had no idea of the etymology of the Greek, it seems like a sign.”

Knowing what flower we were going with was enormous but there was a lot left to decide, fonts, design, etc. With a fair amount of correspondence Holly and I got to know each other and the design went smoothly forward. I knew that the color choices were very important to John and Holly but they lived overseas on assignment in countries with shoddy postal service, so Holly asked me to send paper color samples to her sister here in the US. I love that the invitation design became a family project. Although Holly and John have a wedding planner, they are including their family in the details. Holly’s mom contacted me to ask for the agapanthus illustration file and is making favor bags with the flower. It will be fun to see how she uses the design.

The wedding stationary has come together beautifully. As an added bonus I will see the inside story on the wedding day as my talented pro photographer husband will be the wedding photographer!


Such a gorgeous set! Thank you Eva-Lena for letting us know about your invitations. :) To find out more about Artseed Weddings, check them out on WeddingInviteLove or at their website.

The picture above must be, maybe, a tenth of all the booths at NSS. It’s huge!

I took a lot more picture of my favorite booths featuring wedding invitations (WeddingInviteLove vendors are coming in another post!).

I loved Dauphine Press‘s background, and they had amazing examples of their custom wedding invitation suites.

The I also loved the design of the invitations at Designer’s Fine Press.

Studio Slo Mo had one particular invitation that I fell in love with.

Last but not least, Grapevine Paperie.

Next — featured invitation post and the photos from the WeddingInviteLove vendors at NSS!