Proud to announce the launch of WeddingInviteLove, an online directory of wedding invitation designers!

screenshot of WeddingInviteLove

While we were working on WeddingType, we decided to build and launch WeddingInviteLove as a side project since it was so difficult to find wedding invitation designers through Google and other services.

We’re spending the next few weeks working on designer acquisition for WIL, then we’ll be back at it on If there are any designers out there who would like to be listed on WIL, let us know!

Here at WeddingType we’re dedicated to bringing typography to wedding invitations, and while we’re waiting for development to finish up on our full application, we decided to launch a very very minimal product just to fill in the gaps.

Basically it has all the function of the full WeddingType application with none of the features like previewing or full font choice, but if there is a couple that is looking for a quick theme of their invitation, Tracy is here to help! Simply fill out the form and Tracy will handmake the template for you to print at home (or take to any professional printer).

As always, if there are any questions, let us know, otherwise we’ll head back to working furiously to launch WeddingType!

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately into Twitter and the wedding invitation community that exists there, and thought I would pass along the best accounts that are about wedding invitations and design (other than the WeddingLovely twitter account)!

  • @diywedding (DIY Wedding Invites)
  • @wed-invitation (Wedding Invitation)
  • @uniqueindesigns (Wedding Invitations, “Unique Modern Custom Wedding Invitations”)
  • @Astrid_Mueller (Astrid Mueller, “Inspired by love stories, vintage, NYC, Paris, fashion & addicted to wedding gorgeousness! Passionately designing for modern brides & wedding pros.”)
  • @delphine_studio (erika firm, “i love letterpress, all shades of green, the sound of the surf and the smell of the pressroom. BLOG:“)
  • @RiceInk (Kristy Rice, “Owner of Momental Designs, I am a Wedding Invitation Artist, love painting and travel. My artistic designs have been featured on and in The Knot!”)
  • @bluemagpieinvit (Jeannine Pao Brown, “Blue Magpie creates handmade fabric invitations from our Southern California studio and has been featured in Brides, The Knot, and Weddings Unveiled!”)

Am I missing anyone major?

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That’s the plan, at least!

I’m Tracy, founder of WeddingType. Excited about the future. Enthusiastic to get things done. Not that there is a lot there yet — WeddingType is solidly in production stages and haven’t launched anything of note — but I have a lot of confidence that we’ll have something awesome soon.

Backstory: A few years ago, like many people with a wedding on the horizon, joined a bunch of wedding communities primarily to ogle over pretty weddings and plan my own. I was also a designer-in-training (have since graduated), and loved looking at DIY invitations. I’ve never been a fan of “plain” or “typical”, and DIY is typically where creativity shines. However, people with fantastic DIY skills suffered by a lack of tools and knowledge, in particular with clean and beautiful typography. I have beautiful and professional fonts, but that’s because I’m a professional designer and I’ll reuse them over and over, justifying the cost. Someone building their invitation has no reason to buy an expensive font, and therefore, a lot of these invites were done in typical system fonts like Times New Roman (arrrrrrgh). That’s where this all started — why couldn’t we have an easier, online editor for creating wedding invitation typography?

I have a lot of ideas and lots of directions to go, but first I just want to launch a service to give DIYers beautiful fonts and typography in the next few weeks. Big picture, we’ll create a community of designers and couples, break the mold of the typical flower-with-text invitations, and make invitations cheaper in the long run for everyone. There’s a lot of competition in this space, but there are a lot of reasons why I think WeddingType will succeed (I think “simple-to-use” is a dirty word with wedding vendors). Stay tuned!