Joyce Scardina Becker

WeddingPlannerLove’s very own Events of Distinction brings us today’s guest post which is two part series. We’ll feature Part 2 on Thursday! Thank you Joyce Scardina Becker, CMP for your post for our planning brides!

With a myriad of details to handle, planning a wedding can be very time-consuming for engaged couples, and spare time is often in short supply for brides and grooms who are busy establishing professional careers or attending school.

You should consider hiring a Wedding Planner if:

  • You don’t have at least 12 hours a week to devote to planning
  • You’re having a destination wedding
  • Your idea of being creative is copying a wedding that you saw in print or online
  • You have previously hosted parties where you spent the entire evening in your kitchen

Aside from saving you that precious element of time, there is another fundamental reason why Wedding Planners can be a tremendous benefit to you – they are experts at what they do. The more complex the details of your wedding are, the greater the skills that are required to implement these details flawlessly.  So, for the same reasons that many people hire professional accountants to do their taxes, many couples also hire professional planners to do their weddings.  The only difference is that weddings are much more fun than taxes!

Photos:  Sherman Chu. Wedding Designer and Planner: Joyce Scardina Becker, Events of Distinction.

What a Wedding Planner Can Do for You

Successful planning and execution of a wedding requires an understanding of many disciplines –including audio-visual, budgeting and financial analysis, food and beverage, design, entertainment, flowers, graphic design and methods of printing, hospitality law and contracts, lighting, music, photography, transportation, videography and wedding cakes. What separates the pros from the novices is a solid track record of producing hundreds of weddings, maintaining quality relationships with many wedding service providers and keeping current with the latest trends. This experience gives the Wedding Planner the foundational knowledge to effectively assist you with the research, design, planning and execution of your wedding, which includes the following specific tasks:

  • Developing a detailed budget for your wedding
  • Selecting the most suitable site(s) for your celebration
  • Recommending appropriate vendors that fit with your taste and budget
  • Scheduling appointments with vendors
  • Performing cost analyses of vendor proposals
  • Effectively negotiating contracts through an understanding of hospitality law
  • Organizing the planning process in a logical fashion
  • Understanding the flow of a wedding, and developing a detailed timeline for your wedding day, which enables the ceremony, cocktails and reception to run smoothly
  • Producing floor plans drawn to scale
  • Providing on-site management for your wedding day – overseeing all activities to ensure a flawless execution

To learn more about Joyce, visit her site! She’s got enough credentials to write a book—and she has! You can also find her on Facebook and twitter when she is not busy blogging! And of course, you can also find her on WeddingPlannerLove!