How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Band in 3 Simple Steps

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Vince La Rosa has been matching couples with their perfect wedding band for over five years at You can see more of his tips and advice on all things tungsten carbide, cobalt, titanium and weddings online at the Tungsten World Education Center.

Since I started working in the wedding industry, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to thousands of brides and grooms about their wedding bands. And in that time, I’ve helped every type of customer from the picky bride to the ambivalent groom, the big spender to the bargain-conscious couple and everything in-between.

While I’ve quickly learned no two couples are alike, over time I’ve gained enough experience to know the best way to help narrow down the vast array of wedding bands choices out there to help find The One. And it really boils down to three simple questions: color, budget and lifestyle.


Metal composition guide for wedding band colors

Had you considered what color you wanted for your wedding band 50 years ago, there would really only be one choice: yellow gold. But these days, we have the luxury of a wide spectrum of color choices for wedding rings – so much so, even black wedding bands have become popular! If there ever was a place to start when trying to narrow down rings, color is probably the best because it’s the first thing you notice with a ring and it will narrow down the metal choices.

So let’s say you do want that black wedding band, then I would tell you to consider the available choices of materials in that color like ceramic, black zirconium or black tungsten wedding bands. It would be silly of me to continue to push platinum or gold on you because those rings will never be black. Or maybe you’re at the other extreme and want something with a white hue. In that case, you’re going to be considering platinum, cobalt chrome and white gold, naturally.

Making up your mind on wedding ring color will give you a much better idea of the metal type for your ring, which will naturally transition into the next step.


Budget options for your wedding bands
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With the color of choice in mind for your wedding band, you’ve now likely narrowed to a few choices in terms of material. Different metals offer varying degrees of durability – some are very scratch resistant like tungsten and ceramic and while others like platinum and cobalt offer shatterproof strength – and are priced based on different scales.

Your high ticket wedding rings, with pricing based off purity and weight, are always going to the precious metals: silver, gold and platinum. Obviously, with a bigger budget you have a wider selection of metals within your color preference. Again, if you like a “white” wedding band, a larger budget can afford you something in platinum or white gold.

But even with a more budgeted approach, there are still options in your color preference. One option might be lesser known precious metals like palladium or Argentium sterling silver. Even if your budget is limited to just $200, you are still in luck because alternative metals like cobalt chrome offer similar shine and color as more expensive options like platinum and white gold but at a fraction of the price.


Wedding band information and help
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Once I’ve worked with a customer to narrow down the preferred color for their ring and we’ve established a budget, usually what’s left is a very focused amount of ring choices and metals for their wedding band. The final question I have for them at this point is how tough are you on your ring?

Not all of us work like a lumberjack and are extremely hard on our hands. Then again, some office workers have extreme hobbies. The wear and tear each individual puts on their wedding ring can vary. And sadly, we’ve yet to find that wonder metal that is impervious to everything.

So be honest with yourself. If you’re the rough-and-tumble type that never removes their ring and you want it to still look the best it possibly can, you’ll need to know what metals work best for your lifestyle. For instance, gold is going to be tougher than silver, platinum will be tougher than gold and tungsten will be tougher than all three when it comes to scratches. But tungsten can chip or crack with sharp impacts. The simple rule is this, the more scratch resistant a ring is the more brittle it can be and the more malleable the higher likelihood it will scratch. Not all rings are on one extreme or the other but you may detest scratches like the plague and are willing to give up some malleability for it. It’s really a personal preference.

Like I said, there’s no wonder metal but you can be paired with a ring that will best fit your lifestyle. Following these three easy steps should help narrow your search from the thousands of wedding ring styles out there to a select few that will not only have the look you want but also fit your budget and last the test of time.

Thanks Vince! For more about wedding bands, check out more of his tips and advice on all things tungsten carbide, cobalt, titanium and weddings online at the Tungsten World Education Center.