Planning an Outdoor Wedding Advice

An outdoor wedding can be a perfect way to celebrate this most romantic day in your life. However, while choosing the regal beauty of the Mother Nature as your venue guarantees beauty and grandeur, all those fantastic feelings can be ruined by lack of planning. The thing with outdoor weddings is that despite being more simple, affordable, and yet amazing, they are also more demanding on details.

The good news? Using these five simple tips will ensure the celebration of your sacred union goes smoothly.

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5 Considerations for a Perfect Outdoor Wedding

1. Check Your Essentials

When you rent a traditional venue you don’t have to worry about essential things like power, bathrooms, and running water. An outdoor wedding is different in that these things might not be readily available.

To ensure the comfort of your guests you’ll need to arrange for:

• Drinking water
• Water for washing hands and other immediate needs
• Porta-potties or a viable alternative (don’t forget the lights)
• Energy generators (consider the level of noise and need for refueling)

2. Remind Your Guests of Proper Dress Code

Take a look at the pictures below and answer what do all of them have in common?

Planning an Outdoor Wedding Consider These 5 Things

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Outdoor Wedding Inspiration

Aside from featuring happy people celebrating what clearly are beautiful weddings, these pictures have one important thing in common. Clothes. And shoes as well.

You see, bringing a wedding outdoors means making it more casual by default. It’s a necessary step to ensure the comfort of all involved. This is especially important for beach weddings where wearing anything but the lightest natural fabrics and flip-flops will turn the party into a torture session.

Wedding Tropics is a company specializing in creating stylish clothing specifically for outdoor weddings. You can get plenty of inspiration from their catalog and see for yourself that one can feel comfortable and look stunning in designer dresses and suits made with sunny beaches in mind.

3. Arrange Seating and Dance Floor

An outdoor wedding will most likely lack in seating. This issue can be resolved fast by renting the necessary number of chairs and using coverings to make them look festive. Like this:

Planning an Outdoor Wedding Ideas

However, setting up a dance floor can be a bit more complicated and many couples actually forget to take care of this in advance.

In this case, the best solution is to set up some deck-like structure, like this:

Planning an Outdoor Wedding Advice

If you want something less ‘solid’ and expensive you can set up a marquee and use these dance floor ideas from the Pinterest community.

As an additional consideration, you can create a DIY altar. That’ll be a fun project for the bride and groom to work on together. Self-decorating this essential piece of the ceremony is also a great way to infuse more of your personality into the celebration.

4. Choose Plated Meals Over a Buffet

An outdoor wedding is fantastic for the guests, but not so much for the food that needs to wait out in the heat. A buffet won’t be a good idea for this party because the foods will be exposed to the elements. And if you have a beach wedding, those include sand that will surely get everywhere.

Seated and plated meals are the best option and you can have a table with some covered snacks and drinks for later in the night.

5. Think of a Backup Plan

While no one wants to plan to fail, you need to have a backup plan just in case Mother Nature chooses to be moody during your wedding.

This planning requires two stages. One is planning for a slight change in weather during the celebration. This means using fabrics that are heavy enough to withstand the wind and fixing all movable objects and so they have either grounding or cover.

The second level of planning is having a backup venue. Just in case, because you truly never know.

All photos provided via Wedding Tropics galleries.

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