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Crystalline, turquoise waters, sun shining year-round, and beaches so plentiful that you can walk from one to another in a matter of minutes; this is Thailand. A land of history, culture, and the modernization of civilization all in one place, Thailand offers the best of every world for every wedding. With its luxurious accommodations, plentiful venues, and an overwhelming amount of activities to do, this is the place to bring you, your family, and your friends together for your dream Thailand destination wedding.

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Traveling to and in Thailand

You might think that Thailand is too expensive of a trip for you to undergo. However, many tickets are under $1,500, and most airlines will give you a discount if you are buying in bulk or if you are traveling in an off-season. With Thailand being sunny year-round, you could get married there any season. As far as getting around in Thailand goes, there are many hotels that offer pick-up from the airport and will also take you there at the end of your stay. Bikes are also a common form of transportation in Thailand if you feel like riding around and seeing the sights.

Traditional Ceremonies

If you’re interested in local customs, then having a traditional Thailand destination wedding ceremony may be a good option for you. Like a Western wedding, prayers are recited and candles are lit. Unlike a typical wedding back home, Thai weddings are officiated by monks, and the wedding date is usually set on a particular day that is considered auspicious for the couple. Another thing to keep in mind is that a traditional Buddhist Thai wedding usually divides the religious part of the ceremony and the more family-oriented part. These used to be conducted on separate days but have since been changed to be performed on the same day, sometimes at the same location.

Beautiful Beach Weddings

Unknown to many, Thailand is basically tropical. They have temperatures in the 80’s all year long, so it’s the perfect destination for all couples who love to swim and see the ocean. A bright beach wedding in Thailand is absolutely doable thanks to this weather. This type of wedding is very common among foreigners because it offers an experience like no other. Koh Samui, a very popular island destination, offers a pristine beach as well as snorkeling for visitors. Another lovely beachfront is Koh Lipe. It provides beaches so beautiful that you’ll never want to take your toes out of the sand, and there are many bungalows along the shoreline for an easy rest after your day of excitement. If neither of these locations suits your fancy, there’s also the marvelous Phuket. It has plenty of famous beaches, modern facilities, and nearby spas, giving you the ultimate paradise vacation feel.

Legalities of Thai Weddings

You will need a few documents to get married in Thailand. You need your passport, a declaration stating that you aren’t already married, and you have to have the declaration translated into Thai to be authenticated. After these things are done, be sure to check with your embassy that you have met all of the requirements so your marriage will be binding in your country. Overall, it’s really a very simple process with little to no hoops to jump through.

Popular Wedding Venues in Thailand

If you’re the type of couple who enjoys luxury accommodations and a bustling nightlife in the city, then Phuket is for you. Located in Phuket is Patong, a city perfect for visitors who love to dance. Phuket is also home to numerous resorts with an overwhelming amount of amenities.

Another great city for the couple who likes to explore and socialize is Bangkok. Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is home to the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, floating markets full of every good imaginable, and enough adventures for a lifetime. Plus, Chiang Mai is a spectacular city location for a wedding. It includes hundreds of ancient Buddhist temples and a rich cultural history. It’s truly the place to go for a traditional Thai wedding.

Lastly, when looking for venues that are more private, Koh Samui is one of the best locations to have your wedding. It includes beaches aplenty, extravagant spas, and an abundance of sunshine. In this paradise, there are even beachside bungalows and villas for rent, offering spectacular views of tropical sunsets. Another great seaside venue is Hua Hin. It offers numerous high-end hotels, plenty of seafood restaurants, and lots of fun water sports to enjoy. Overall, you’ll find that this is the place for your dream Thailand destination wedding.

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