Planning Tips for a Restaurant Wedding Reception

Photo credit: Passion for Flowers

Selecting the right venue for a wedding can be an arduous task because you want your special day to have a perfect setting and also make sure your loved ones are comfortable. If you are looking for a cozy, intimate and classy setting and want your guests to have a memorable gourmet experience, a restaurant wedding is the right pick for you. In fact, it’s not just foodies who are choosing to organize their wedding reception in their favorite restaurant or bistro. Couples who want a small venue, have fewer number of guests and seek great service are increasingly opting for restaurant weddings.

Another big advantage is the cost factor. In a restaurant, there is no need to rent furniture, tableware, glassware or linens. You don’t have to hire a caterer because there is already a chef present, and if the restaurant has a pastry chef, he can create your wedding cake too. Some restaurants have a band that can play your favorite music and you don’t have to spend time looking for one.

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Here are a few tips for organizing a restaurant wedding:

  • Select the number of guests and make sure that the restaurant has enough space to accommodate them
  • Book the venue in advance, as there can be added rush in certain times of the year
  • Find out if there are any other parties on the same day so that you are given first priority by the staff
  • Decide on a theme to make the venue more customized. For example, create the jazzy 40s or a Japanese themed wedding with oriental decoration and food
  • Have interesting meal choices by opting for food stations like a salad bar, espresso bar, pasta station etc. If you want a more casual atmosphere, go for a buffet or brunch. Let your guests have a choice by offering many entree options.
  • If there are kids, choose a restaurant which has child-friendly options in terms of setting and also meals.

No wedding venue is complete without a floral touch, and a even simple restaurant setting can be made exotic by decorating it flowers. Just make sure the restaurant allows you to bring flowers and other decorations into the venue. Since there are so many errands associated with a wedding, it is better to get expert help and hire a florist, and the most convenient option is to contact an online florist because you can do so from the comfort of your house.

Here are a few points that you may consider:

  • Discuss with your florist what atmosphere you are trying to create for the reception. Some prefer white lilies, gardenias and roses, while some may prefer bright orchids
  • Since the restaurant is already decorated, your florist can use his creativity to develop a special ambiance, blending the flowers with the setting or have gorgeous centerpieces matching the decor of the place
  • Remember to communicate well and set a budget clearly so that your desired floral decoration can be done without straining your finances

Planning Tips for a Restaurant Wedding Reception

Photo credit: Passion for Flowers

Once you consider all these factors, a restaurant wedding is a great way to experience a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere and also enjoy great food with your friends and family on this special day.

Annie Dodson is a professional wedding planner and blogger from Australia. She has been in the wedding business for nearly a decade and loves to share her ideas and experience. Currently, she is contributing to the marketing department at Flowerbasket.