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Many couples dream of having their wedding in their backyard or garden. Although many of them prefer outdoor weddings at the park or conservation areas, nothing beats the backyard. However, there are many special concerns that brides need to deal with during the planning phase. The following are some tips for planning the perfect backyard or garden wedding reception.

Weather Lookout

The major concern when choosing backyards and gardens for your special day is the weather. No one knows what the weather will be like on the final day. Even if the weather forecast says it is going to be a sunny day, couples should prepare an alternative venue or some means to avoid distraction if there’s rain, it’s too hot or humid or if there is strong wind. In some places, there are times of the year that bring sudden changes in temperature. Soon-to-be married couples should be aware of all of this. They should also take any unpleasant smells that may come around during the wedding or the reception into account.

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Insect Control

Brides should do their best to find out about seasonal insects. They may pose threat to everyone at the wedding. Bugs can also be smelly and annoying. They usually come out during the summer and spring seasons. Couples should check to see if the location is prone to any insect problems. There must be no still water around where mosquitoes may lodge and come out in the evening. They should also check the site for wasps and bees’ nests. Some expert wedding planners recommend using some mosquito netting as a part of the decorations. They may set it up to appear like tents. With this, they add more beauty and functionality to the venue. This is highly recommended for brides who are afraid of bugs but dying to spend their wedding party in the garden.

Wedding Supplies and Equipment

Brides should not forget to designate tasks to people who will transport the equipment and supplies needed for the wedding and reception. This may include the tables, sound system, dance floor, food, decorations and everything needed to be hauled outdoors. They should be completely set up in the garden or the backyard hours before the wedding starts. Those who opt to rent these supplies must make sure to talk with the service provider about transportation costs and policies.

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Wedding Venue Restrooms

Wedding restrooms are also an important factor to take into account when planning for a backyard or garden wedding. There should be enough restrooms available for the guest to use. Brides must know how many people are coming so that they can check the venue’s proximity to the restrooms. One problem often encountered at garden weddings is overcrowded, flooded and muddy bathrooms in addition to clogged toilets. The best way to go is often to rent Port-a-Potties that can be positioned in discreet areas.

Wedding Manpower

Planning and setting up for a backyard or garden wedding and reception can be physically draining. It gets even worse after the celebration. Unfortunately, many tasks will likely end up in the hands of the bride and groom. With this, they should include the wedding labor force in the planning phase. Couples should ask their friends and family members to help them set up and clear the wedding area. This is especially true when they have to leave right after the party and can’t stay long to clean up.

Backyard or garden weddings are certainly fun. However, couples need to put a large amount of time and attention into them. This is especially true when they want to do the planning by themselves and choose not to hire wedding planners. Nevertheless, backyard and garden weddings during the summer and spring are always beautiful. With careful and creative planning, opting for a backyard wedding is definitely a great idea. Simple things such as flower arrangements, ribbons on the chairs and candles are often overlooked. Brides should make sure that they include all these small but essential wedding supplies in their planning. Most importantly, they should stay within their budget. Brides want their wedding to be perfect. With this, they often spend more than they can afford just to achieve their dream. Instead of enjoying being newlyweds, they end up paying off credit card debts.

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