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We have something great to share with you today! I speak from experience when I say that planning a wedding is A LOT of work, but I know I don’t need to tell you that. For me, one of the most challenging tasks was putting together the ceremony. From our vows to the ceremony readings – deciding what to say was not easy.

Lauri Keye

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If only I had “L.O.V.E. Let Our Vibrance Emanate” by Lauri Keye. A marriage celebrant, who gifts this book to her clients to help inspire their wedding vows, has written the foreword – isn’t that great? Wedding Coordinators and officiants, this would also make for a great gift for your planning couples. Here is one of my favorites:

The Philosopher’s Stone
Gone was all
That came before
When the door
Opened wide
And I was drawn
To go inside-
My joy cannot
Be contained-
And if, to any,
I apportion blame
It is with you,
My Love-
I want to shout
For all to hear
From the moment
You came near
My life
Was changed
From Ordinary
To Extraordinary-
I was not searching
And it came-
And for you,
It is the same-
When two
Right energies entwine
No doubts at all-
‘I am yours
And you are mine’-
Not water into gold
Two complete halves
Becoming whole-
Back into the original mold

If you loved this poem, there are MANY more where that came from! You can purchase Lauri’s book on Amazon. Make sure to leave a review when you get it. :)

About the Author

Lauri Keye- that’s me!- is a published poet and storyteller, who takes life-
but not herself – seriously. I live in Sydney, Australia, although really do
consider myself a citizen of the world!

After having lived for OVER thirty years now, I know that the only important thing in life really is LOVE! It creeps into my words- the love of a child, self, parent, friend or humanity- in fairy tales or nonfiction.

And, while I was thinking of true, romantic love . . . . L.O.V.E- let our vibrance emanate . . . was born.

It is a book of 18 romantic, love poems inspired by answers to the question-which I asked of friends and startled strangers, when out and about- ‘What does true, romantic love mean to you?’