Luxurious Wedding Gift for Your Groom

On the hunt for the perfect wedding gift for your groom? If your soon-to-be enjoys the finer things in life, he’ll certainly appreciate this sophisticated jewelry box designed by WOLF, a family-founded market leader. With over 180 years (five whole generations!) of patented innovation, surely they must be doing something right, right?

Well, I was lucky enough to recently receive this baby in the mail last week and not only does my hubby absolutely love it but so do I — talk about a major dresser declutterer.

Check out my thoughts after the cut! 

First off, presentation is everything. Not only is this a gift, but it’s a gift to your groom on one of the most special days of your lives. The jewelry box arrived in style, packaged thoroughly with ample protection (hey, we wouldn’t want any dings or dents on that gorgeous burlwood, would we? *wink*) and was housed in a sleek black box + fabric sleeve with WOLF branding tastefully inscribed.

Wedding Gift for Groom

When I lifted the box lid, I got my first glimpse at the burlwood color of the jewelry box which is actually quite accurately reflected in the product images on their website. Much like burl, it gives off a swirled grain pattern effect that adds to the elegance of the overall design. Next, I lifted the jewelry box out of its packaging and was surprised by its weight — a hint to its true quality and longevity.

I then carefully placed the jewelry box on our dresser (a perfect match, might I say!) and lifted the glass viewing window. The box felt cool to the touch and incredibly sturdy with its burlwood case and gold finished hardware. You really could feel the meticulous engineering behind the classic design. I ran my fingers over the black textured silk lining and realized it had taken me all but 30 seconds to fall in love with it!

Groom Wedding Gift

I also loved the fact that even though the box was originally designed to be a 5 piece watch box, the watch cushions are removable, which gives your groom flexibility to tailor to his needs. Although my husband is generally tidy, he had a bunch of dusty individual jewelry boxes scattered on top of our dresser. And if you’re like me and have a slight case of OCD, it’d probably irk you too.

This jewelry box was the perfect storage solution for his 2-3 necklaces, 2-3 pairs of cufflinks, a bracelet, 2 watches, a Fitbit and wedding band. Plus, the clear glass viewing window is not only practical but pretty as it protects the jewelry from dust while being aesthetically pleasing, too! Going away on vacation? You can even lock up your valuables and hide the key.

… The ultimate wedding gift for a groom all about that luxe lifestyle, a gift he’ll treasure forever!

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