Proposal Ideas for Adventure Seekers

So! You’re both thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. Think your proposal will be the biggest thrill of all? Maybe. But first, the real adventure begins:

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Proposals for the Adventurous

Sky’s the limit proposals


C’mon! If you’re game enough to jump out of a freakin’ plane, surely you won’t break a sweat proposing? The ultimate thrill, her head will be in the clouds — literally. The last thing you want, however, is to drop the bling upon descent. Safest bet is to ask her right before the jump (weave in a cute metaphor!) or have an equally as cute sign at the landing base with your grand proposal message.

Bungee jumping

There is a difference between skydiving and bungee jumping. While you’re still taking the leap, you can (physically) be attached to one another if you wish. Kind of symbolic/romantic, don’t ya think? Or one could see it as pretty ironic, too… proposing “till death do you part” while plunging headfirst…

Romantic Adventurous Proposals

Hot air balloon

Love can make you feel like you’re floating on air, and with this romantic gesture, you’ll certainly have your sweetheart feelin’ like she’s on cloud nine. Surrounded by everything that is beautiful, with a glass of wine and cheese platter, hot air balloon proposals make for an unforgettable moment with an even more unforgettable view. Go on, lift your love up to new heights.

Love is like water proposals


Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream… Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily into a brand new chapter of your lives, together. Totally romantic with a hint of adventure, you can plan to have violinists (or whatever instrument floats your boat) serenade your love with “your” song as you pass under a bridge… right before you pull out that magical box!


As long as your soon-to-be can swim, why not escape to a tropical oasis where you can let the cool ocean breeze, warm waters and colorful sealife calm your nerves before you pop the question? Hire a photographer versed in underwater proposals so you’ll have the most epic photos to show family and friends upon return. Note, however, that if you plan to scuba, you must have the necessary certification and training.

Adventurous Proposal Ideas

Down to earth proposals


Symbolic of the journey that you two are about to embark upon, hiking is certainly a fitting proposal choice for the adventurous at heart. No doubt filled with spectacular views, you can plan to propose at the end of the trail, or alternatively, pick the highest peak/cliff to rock climb. Then, at the top, set up a surprise picnic or have your loved ones wait for you both at the top and… surprise!

Outdoor Proposal Ideas

Horseback ride

While horse-drawn carriages are pretty romantic, horseback riding is, well… more adventurous! Amp up the fun/excitement level by horseback riding on a terrain of your choice. It really won’t matter the terrain, because it’s all romantic and we’re sure she’ll be over the moon when you show her you’re not horsin’ around. Sorry, couldn’t resist!


Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with romantic sunrises and sunsets, good ol’ s’mores and a cozy sleeping bag to snuggle in. There’s just something so romantic and peaceful about being at one with nature. We’re certain you’ll find plenty of propose-worthy moments on your camping adventure.

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