Today’s real wedding was sent over to us by PostScript Brooklyn, who did the invitations! Photographed by Jason Lee, here’s what the bride had to say about the invitations and event:

We loved our invitations! We had a bunch of leftover, and at first we thought we would keep just a handful and then throw away the rest – but we couldn’t bear to throw any away, so we’ve just kept them all. ;) We are happy to share some photos of our wedding with you. We had such a wonderful time and all of our guests seemed to really enjoy themselves too. In addition to having beautiful invitations, we were very fortunate to have some other creative and hard-working individuals help us with all the other aspects of our wedding. Attached please find some pictures that, to us, highlight the details that we appreciated about our wedding day. As far as what made our day special… well, aside from being able to marry each other, we just really appreciated all the love from our family and friends, throughout not just our relationship but over our entire lives. It was such a wonderful privilege to be able to celebrate and share our special day with so many people that love us and that we love. It was a blast!

Love these beautiful photos, and what nice looking invitations! See the rest of the photos after the jump…

  Wedding photos by Jason Lee, invitation photos by PostScript Brooklyn. To see more about PostScript Brooklyn, check out their website!