Today’s real wedding comes to us from Virginia, where Natalie & Stuart had a whimsical outdoor wedding with diy decor featuring vintage elements and bright colors. Photographer Rebekah J. Murray describes their special day:

I can’t remember ever photographing a wedding with a more playful attention to detail. Stewart and Natalie were married at her parent’s beach house near Chincoteague, Virginia, in the smidge of a town called Assateague. (It consists of Front St., Back St., and Courthouse St. So cute!) Natalie had grown up visiting this house and it was only fitting to have her happiest day surrounded by her happiest memories. Their vision from the start was to have as much fun as possible and (besides the near-melting heat) it was a smashing success. The eclectic, handmade details and bright colors made it feel like a vibrant afternoon at a carnival fading into a nostalgic summer evening.

Photography: Rebekah J. Murray Photography

Provider: Two Bright Lights