Today’s insightful guest post comes to us from Erin Black of On Site Companies! Enjoy:

It doesn’t matter if you’re newly engaged or coming up on the few months before your wedding, you’ll probably forget some minor details when planning your big day.  Wedding rentals are one thing that you won’t want to forget, since you usually have to rent in advance and companies may only have a finite number of the equipment you’re trying to rent. The list below will help you cover all of your bases for rentals so you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to get everything you need.

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Tables and Table Covers

Is your venue providing tables and tablecloths? If so how many? Tables aren’t just going to be used for your guests to eat at, so you should also speak with your caterer and find out how many tables they’ll need for food stations, hors devours, or food prep in the kitchen. Also think about gift tables, cocktail tables and the guest sign in table.


This is something you should also speak to your venue about. See if they provide chairs and, if not, calculate how many you’ll need. You can expect around 75-80% of your guests to attend your wedding, so be sure to have chairs for everyone. Also consider chair coverings if you want to turn normal chairs into something exquisite.

Plates, Silverware, Napkins and Glassware

Table settings are one area where you can get as fancy or as simple as you want. You’ll want to consider if you want dinner plates, salad plates, desert plates and hors devours plates. As far as silverware, you could have dinner forks, salad forks, desert forks, spoons, and knives. You’ll also want to consider glasses such as: wine glasses, water glasses, coffee cups and champagne flutes. You can get as many or as few of these items as possible. If there are fewer courses, you won’t have to get as many items. Just be sure to give yourself some major wiggle room for these rentals, as they can add up fast.

Utensils and Serving Trays for Caterers

Another thing to ask your venue about. Some venues have their own kitchens that come stocked with cooking and serving utensils for visiting teams and some places you’ll have to bring your own. After assessing what your venue provides, ask you caterer what they require for the mean that you have ordered. Don’t leave your caterer in a bad place.

Sounds and Lighting Equipment

Speak with your venue about the lighting and sound equipment that come with the space rental. If you are going to have toasts, make sure they have a microphone system. If you’re looking to set the mood with some lighting, see if they have options other than the normal overhead lights. If the venue doesn’t provide these things, you’ll have to rent them from another company.

Portable Restrooms

I have heard some horror stories over the years about couples that have failed to plan for their restroom needs. With the explosion of barn venues and vineyards, there are more and more venues that may not meet the basic restroom needs for your wedding. Check with the venue to see how many restrooms are on site, and if there are commonly lines at the restroom. If you need to bring restrooms in for your event, porta potties don’t have to be your only option. Luxury restroom trailers have hit the market and provide a traditional flushing toilet and running water sink experience anywhere. These trailers can book fast, and can get expensive, so work this into your budget and book early.

Climate Control

Since we’re talking barn venues and outdoor weddings, you may also want to consider climate control equipment. Heating and air conditioning can mean the difference from everyone sticking around to dance all night, and leaving early because of comfort. Speak to someone about bringing in heaters and air conditioners to ensure comfort for your guests.

Day of Coordinator

Wedding planners are pretty expensive, so many couples decide to plan the whole wedding themselves. While this just fine for getting your event together, on the day of your wedding you won’t want to be running around making sure the flowers arrived and got placed correctly. Hiring a day of coordinator will take so much off of your mind on the your big day, and is well worth the money. Start looking for a day of coordinator at the beginning of the planning process, because they’ll help you start lining up everything you’ll need to make your wedding day go smoothly.

Erin Black is the Marketing Coordinator from On Site Companies of Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska. They specialize in the rental of luxury restroom trailers, portable restrooms and temporary heating and air conditioning. For more information  about On Site Companies, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website.