Today’s lovely post comes to us from Danielle, writer for relationship blogs such as The Eternity Rose. Danielle runs a successful at home business and in her spare time she enjoys horse riding! Enjoy: Your wedding will no doubt be one of the most (if not, the most) special event of your life. A lot… Continue reading

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons When considering how to buy gifts for your bridesmaids, I have one piece of advice: Do not think of them as goodie bags. There was a time and a place for those plastic baggies stuffed with candy and clearance-item doodads, but I think we all agree you should show your wedding… Continue reading

  Finding thoughtful and unique wedding gifts for your loved ones can be a time-consuming and spendy endeavor. As a bride, how do you show your ladies how much you’ve appreciated their support throughout your wedding planning journey? As a groom, how do you thank the fellas for having your back? And, of course, what perfect… Continue reading

This fun, sparkly DIY bridesmaid proposal (and free printable!) comes to us from Kelley of Foxblossom Co., based in Pittsburgh, PA. Foxblossom specializes in handmade, personalized wedding accessories and gifts. Here’s Kelley to tell us more: What’s better than a mini bottle of champagne? A mini bottle of champagne covered in pink and gold glitter!… Continue reading

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Today’s in depth guest post comes to us from Sam Ketterer of Absolute Perfection Wedding Consultancy, based in London, England! Enjoy: The chief bridesmaid is usually the bride’s closest friend or member of the family member. Her role is to help the bride organise a calm, stress-free wedding and assist her throughout the wedding day… Continue reading

Photo Credit: What I Wore As anyone who’s planned one can tell you, weddings are stressful. Suddenly, there are a million things to do, and even with a year or more to arrange everything, time (and tempers) can easily run short. Planning a wedding takes huge amounts of time and effort, and it’s easy to… Continue reading

As your wedding day approaches, it’s sometimes difficult to think about anything but your wedding plans. However, while your wedding is clearly about you and your groom, your friends and family certainly play an integral part in the process – especially your bridesmaids. Keep reading for some tips to avoid conflict with your bridesmaids and… Continue reading