If you’re anything like most brides, you’ve seen enough cookie-cutter floral arrangements or square vases wrapped in banana leaves to make you roll your eyes. You’re way more creative than that! Planning and designing your unique and personal wedding is tough, but sticking to a budget doesn’t mean your décor has to be blah. Here are a few tricks that we’ve got up our sleeves to help inspire you the next time your bridesmaid shows you another boring bouquet.

Six DIY Wedding Flowers Trends for 2013 (6)

Go Wild

If you crave lace, ‘20s inspired dresses, and fancy yourself a bit of a hipstress bride, think about wildflowers or Lily of the Valley for your bridal bouquet. More and more, brides are turning away from the ribbon-wrapped bouquet and turning toward one that feels a little more organic, more wildflowery, and less stuffy. Since Kate Middleton had her bouquet of Lily of the Valley last spring, you can bet you’ll see this trend popping up during spring and summer weddings this year.

Six DIY Wedding Flowers Trends for 2013 (5)

Think Outside the Vase

So often, we think that our wedding flowers only consist of simply centerpieces and alter flowers. But what about décor for the rest of the room? Get a little creative by taking orchids or another hearty-stemmed flower, wrapping them around fishing line, and hanging them above the dance floor. Or, rent huge hurricane vases and drop in five to ten calla lilies at a time, creating a floating menagerie of florals to decorate your escort card table or the bar.

Six DIY Wedding Flowers Trends for 2013 (4)

Be Eco-Chic

We all love outdoor weddings, but it’s hard to convince 200 of your closest friends to gather in the park in the middle of January. If you’re stuck in a banquet hall, bring the outdoors in by selecting trees or plants. Many florists and prop companies will rent trees of all kinds. Whether it’s palm trees for that vintage 1950s art-deco feel, or groomed topiaries that bring the beauty of the natural world to your blasé banquet hall, you can’t go wrong by adding a tree or two. Get even more creative by hanging silver-plated lanterns in the trees or tying your guests escort cards on the branches with a bit of satin ribbon. And don’t forget succulents, which are rapidly becoming the eco-friendly stars of the wedding flower scene.

Six DIY Wedding Flowers Trends for 2013 (3)

Get Herbal

If you’re thinking wedding flowers, you probably are thinking ranunculus, peonies, and lilies. But what about checking your own garden? For an organic, Tuscan-inspired feel, grab a few small mint julep cups or mason jars for each table and sweep in a handful of lavender, lamb’s ear, basil, parsley, or thyme (or a mix of all of them; just make sure the fragrance isn’t overwhelming). Add a lace tablecloth over wooden farm table and you’ll transport your guests to the Amalfi coast in the blink of an eye.

Six DIY Wedding Flowers Trends for 2013 (2)

Small Arrangement, Big Impact

We’ve been to thousands of weddings, and at most of them, there’s one centerpiece in the middle of the table. What about scattering smaller arrangements around in between the table settings? Small glass jars filled with singular flowers or a handful of herbs are romantic and chic, especially for the minimalist bride, and it will make your wedding feel more intimate; perfect for a small wedding with close friends.

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Go Bananas

Flowers can be expensive, and at the end of the night, it can feel exhausting to lug home twenty centerpieces. A simple solution? Go for fruit! Long, shallow boat-shaped bowls can show off a variety of fruit arrangements, and adorning these arrangements with some whimsical elements like fiddlehead ferns makes for a fun arrangement. Choose fruit with vibrant colors that match the feel of your wedding season; try figs, plums, and Bosc pears for fall and winter weddings, grapefruits, and pink lady apples for spring, and lemons, clementines, or limes for summer.

Marla Edminton blogs about all things flowers at BellaWeddingFlowers.com