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Today’s informative guest post comes to us from Los Angeles based stationery designer Sarah James of Lovely Details & Stationery!  Enjoy:

Bright lights & skyscrapers, beaches, yachts, wineries, ranches, art museums, Los Angeles is gleaming with specialty locations and vendors to create your very own fairy-tale wedding. Many travel far and wide to soak up California’s rays and creative culture. Celebrate your big day, in an LA venue that complements your unique taste and where the weather year-round is perfectly picturesque.

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Beautiful blue oceans, sweet beach breezes and warm rays of sun are just three small features of a beach location in Los Angeles. Imagine, walking barefoot or in heals (your choice), down a beach aisle with the gorgeous sun just about to set in the distance. The background is pure bliss, as the yellow rays of the sun slowly melt into reds and oranges.

TIP: If you’re planning to go beachside for the big day, remember to rent an event canopy or tent. A wedding tent creates a more private feel, to what is a very public beach.

Planning a picturesque beach wedding can be rewarding. However, you will be responsible for sourcing all of the essential wedding vendors, which can be a little time consuming. Luckily, WeddingLovely’s vendor directory can assist with finding those Los Angeles vendors.

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Have your wedding on a lavish liner or yacht and sett sail on one of the most stunning coastlines nationwide. There are many gorgeous harbors to choose from in Los Angeles County, such as: Marina Del Rey, Manhattan Beach and Long Beach. Each coastline location offers a bit of something unique.

When sailing from Marina Del Rey, just a few knots north you’ll see the cascading cliffs of Malibu and the lights from the renown Santa Monica Pier. Manhattan Beach offers a combination view of the beautiful cityscape and coastline. In Long Beach’s harbor guests will be able to see the Queen Mary up-close, the shoreline lighthouse and on clear days have a breathtaking view of Catalina Island.

Many liners and yachts have tiered their special event packages to meet any bride & groom’s needs. Some specialty yacht rentals even have all-inclusive bundle options, which is one of my favorites!

TIP: If your venue offers all-inclusive options, no need to spend time searching and interviewing dozens of vendors. This also makes the day of the wedding much easier to manage.

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If you’re leaning towards a winery wedding, you don’t have to travel far at all from Los Angeles. Most winery wedding locations have an outdoor and indoor reception area. The indoor reception area is usually the luxurious wine cellar. The indoor location has a more private evening feel to it, whereas the outdoor location is more open; open to the beautiful California weather and the other 100+ winery guests who are there for the late afternoon tasting.

TIP: If you’re planning to do the outdoor venue area, ask your winery location if they’d be willing to rope off a private area for you and your guests.

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The ranch wedding trend, currently catching fire on Pinterest and WeddingLovely, can be captured in the locations of: Burbank, Long Beach and in the hills of Malibu. Bride’s can choose to have cake or cupcake(s) just outside the barn area, or choose to eat it right under the shade of the trees. Some venues will hang garden lights to sparkle through the night. Don’t let your furry friends miss out on the celebrating; most locations allow pets.

TIP: Certain venues do not allow candles (for obvious reasons) so be sure to look through your contract’s fine print or ask before signing on the dotted line.

The mountains of Malibu provide beautiful background scenery, in addition to the ranch view. Burbank’s ranch location offers an equestrian and lush garden view. Long Beach’s rancho venue is shaded by the lovely California sycamores and has a small pool full of water lilies.

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Art galleries and museums are spotted down the coastline and in the heart of Los Angeles. Brides & grooms can host a unique wedding right next to a Renoir, Monet, or Salvador Dali. If you or your future husband have a passion for all things unique, this is definitely a location to consider; maybe even hold the reception in the Modern Era Hall.

TIP: Instead of having the typical photo booth, hire an artistic vendor that will draw caricatures of you and your guests.

Amongst all of the art museums in Los Angeles County, the Long Beach location is unique in allowing guests to have both a coastline beach view outside and have the opportunity to tour some of the exquisite artwork inside the museum. Petersen Automotive Museum (PAAM) also has a very niche event setting in Los Angeles. Brides & grooms that are looking for something unique will love the displays in the PAAM Art Gallery and Custom Gallery.

Last but not least, the skyscrapers of Los Angeles offer a scenic view of the cityscape. Host a rooftop wedding under the night sky, overlooking the bright lights of Los Angeles’s city and the famous Hollywood sign. The mixture of swaying palm trees, gorgeous hills and the colorful city skylight can be a breathtaking backdrop, for a beautiful occasion.

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The sweet smell of the ocean breezes, brilliant city lights, colorful venues, cascading hillsides and cliffs, coastline art museums, equestrian ranches, lush palm trees, gardens and inspired vendors that can turn your wedding into a fairy-tale, are just a few features of what makes a Los Angeles wedding unlike any other.

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