You’re a bridesmaid! Congratulations. Wait…what’s that? You’re the maid of honor? WOW! Double congrats! Having been a maid of honor more times than I like to share, I think you’re going to be fabulous. Simply fabulous…as long as you remember a couple things.

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See, being THE maid of honor means that you’re the number 2. Not the groom, not the mom, you. You’re the one the bride is going to call when her dress doesn’t fit quite right, or the napkins are the wrong shade of chartreuse (because there are so many…).

Learn more about your duties as a Maid of Honor after the jump…

I know you’re thinking “this is going to be easy! We’ll pick out dresses, shop for cake, do a few tastings…”. And parts of this wonderful bonding experience will be fabulous. Other parts, notsomuch.

Stephanie Haller Photography WeddingPhotoLove

Photo by Stephanie Haller Photography


First of all, this shindig is all about the bride. This means that you will wear a horrid bouffant hairdo and smile as you lie through your teeth about how much you love it. It also means that you’re not allowed to look pretty. You heard me. No prettiness allowed. Mildly attractive? Sure. Just do not upstage the bride. Let me say that again.


How can you do that? By being her minion. Smile and nod when she picks out the most hideous and universally unflattering shade of purple for your dress. Agree that it’s totally okay when she wants you to cover up that tattoo on your shoulder with so much makeup that it looks like you got punched in the arm by The Rock.

Stephanie Haller Photography WeddingPhotoLove

Photo by Stephanie Haller Photography


Nod ‘yes’ repeatedly while agreeing with her about that the lemon filling is hideous as you shovel in three more bites of the most amazing cake to ever hit your lips. Smile and nod when she picks that Gone With The Wind dress that DOES make her look like a cupcake.
All kidding aside (and yes, the above instances have ALL happened to me), your job is to make her day perfect and help her to stress as little as possible.

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Keep an organizer handy so that you can record important dates like cake tastings, fittings, shoe shopping, and the bachelorette party (which you are in charge of, by the way. And the first order of business? Picking out the perfect bachelorette party invitations (see here!) to set the mood and kick off the festivities!). Make sure that you know your bride well enough to know when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’…and when to be quiet.

Of course, the most important thing (besides planning an amazing bridal shower and bachelorette party) is that you’re a shoulder to cry on, a friend to complain to, and exceedingly patient. And when you’re not sure you can take another phone call, pull out that organizer and do a countdown to the wedding. It’s probably only a week away.


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