Today’s lovely guest post, brought to us by Pixelicious (Montreal, QC) is the perfect inspiration for a springtime photo shoot! Enjoy:

They aren’t tall. They aren’t wide. When you see them lined up by the dozens, they will emerge into one of the most vibrant backdrops one will ever find. Their glamour is short-lived, however. Just like the cherry trees, the crabapples’ bloom lasts anywhere between two days to two weeks, subject to the weather forecast. The petals will eventually fall, often together like snowflakes, marking its end in dramatic fashion.

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Spring has arrived! What a wonderful time to go out and shoot. To be fair, there’s plenty to photograph even during winter but unfortunately, not all clients share that enthusiasm. In the past few years where I pitched clients on the idea of capturing the crabapples at their peak, they always end up being delighted with the results. They know that they are witnessing not just something beautiful but also rare, an explosion of colors that occurs only one week in a year.

This is the time to call your gardener friend and ask for tips! Otherwise, head out to the nearest arboretum or botanical garden and chances are you will encounter the crabapples in full bloom. The colors are hard to miss after all.

Plain colored clothing is often recommending in portraiture because patterns such as stripes and plaid can be distracting, they take the attention away from the face. If you are being photographed with your fiancé, as an engagement session, try your best to match the colors of both outfits. Popular combinations include marine/baby blue, dark/light gray and beige/khaki.

Spring is also a great time to accessorize due to the cooler temperature so consider a light scarf, jacket, and jewelry to spice up your images.

Now that you have the theme, location and clothing ready, be flexible with the dates as the weather can be difficult to predict. This means that whenever you get a beautiful day, both you and your photographer should head out to seize the opportunity.

One storm can wash away the crabapples’ petals rather quickly, go for it when you get the chance. Otherwise, it will be a long wait until next year!

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