We love to support wedding vendors and support anyone who wants to write about the wedding industry — if you’re interested in any of these opportunities (or another we haven’t thought about yet!) email us at [email protected]!

Wedding Vendor Interviews

Are you a member of WeddingLovely’s Vendor Network? We’d love to interview you and feature your work! Profiles are free, so we’d love to have you and promote you!

Invitation Vendor Opportunities

If you’re a stationer and a part of our Vendor Network, and have an invitation design that you’re particularly proud of? We’d love to do an in-depth feature about the invitation design and your process.

Also, are you in the California Bay Area? We’d love to come over and do a studio tour, featuring your studio and your work in a post.

Wedding Venue Walkthroughs

If you own a wedding venue (big or small — we love backyard weddings!), we’d love to run a walkthrough post and show you off!

Guest & Sponsored posts

If you’re a wedding vendor passionate about your field, we’d love to collaborate with you on a post! Unfortunately we’ll only post guest posts from vendors in our vendor network — sign up for free here.

All posts will be reviewed before acceptance — guest posts may be considered sponsored posts due to content and links included and may require a small fee before posting.

Real weddings

I’m interested in weddings, with the focus of the post on the design of the invitations and paper products, and how they tied in to the larger wedding plan. Submissions accepted through either Two Bright Lights or emailing me at [email protected].

If you’re interested in a submission for any of these features, or have another idea as well that you think would be a good fit, email us at [email protected].

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