This beautiful seaside engagement shoot comes to us from Olga Padron of Scribbled Moments Photography, Inc., based in West Palm Beach, FL! Here’s Callan, the lovely bride to be, to tell us about the proposal:

Adam asked if he could take me out for a romantic dinner–no rhyme or reason. I thought to myself, “How sweet–man do I love this guy!”. As we went out to one of out favorite spots–Casablanca Cafe–and parked the car. He asked if I would accompany him on the beach for a brief walk.

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At this point, it was a crisp and clear night sky, and the storms had passed. I remember being very calm and accommodating. As we continued to walk, I begin to see a hint of glimmer in the darkness. I realized that there were possibly other people on the beach, so I asked if we could go back. As we neared closer, that the ‘glimmer’ transformed into a beautiful and romantic set up of a blanket, candles, champagne and champagne glasses.

I looked at Adam with confusion and next thing I realized, he is on one knee asking me to marry him. I don’t exactly remember the entire speech, just those four words every woman longs to hear. I shouted YES! And two of our good friends emerged from the beach as well yelling congratulatory speeches. The four of us all then had a wonderful and unforgettable dinner at Casablanca Cafe :)

Congratulations Callan & Adam and thank you Olga for sharing! For more information about Scribbled Moments Photography, Inc., please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website.

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