Vibrant Summer Wedding in Alberta, Canada (18)

Vibrant Summer Wedding in Alberta, Canada (24)

This delightful and colorful wedding comes to us from Janine Deanna Photography, based in Alberta, Canada! Here’s Cassi, the lovely bride, to tell us more:

Cody and I both grew up in Carbon, AB. He was a few years older than me, so I didn’t really know him, but I knew of him. I decided I didn’t like him very much one Halloween when he smashed a pumpkin my sister had carved on to my parent’s car and my Dad chased him down the street. I was even less impressed when several years later I showed up to my Driver’s Ed class in Three Hills and saw Cody sitting in my class. While he had lost his license due to a stunting incident, I assumed at the time that he had a DUI, and in my teenage snobbery, turned up my nose at him. My Dad offered to give him a ride to class as he was driving there without a license at the time. It was during these drives that I got to know Cody a little bit, enough so that I was comfortable saying “hi” to him if I saw him on the street. Many years later, we became Facebook friends and he sent me a few messages.

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