Meet a Wedding Photographer in Andover, MA: Borisyuk Photography (8)

Meet a Wedding Photographer in Andover, MA: Borisyuk Photography (6)Today’s photographer interview is with Anastasia of Borisyuk Photography, based in Andover, MA! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

I’ve been a photographer for what seems like forever, starting with being an amateur as a teenager and slowly growing into a professional. I still have a hard time calling myself that simply because I feel photography is a life-long learning process – no two photo sessions or weddings are the same, it’s always new, fresh, and solidifies what you have learned over the years. We started Borisyuk Photography in 2012 when our son was born, our second child. It was the culmination of many years of learning and thinking about being a business owner and taking on photography professionally, not just as a hobby. My children were really the ones who inspired me to take the leap and pursue this passion without looking back and my amazing husband supported me all the way. He is my marketing and IT expert and a great second shooter! We love shooting in New England, it’s a beautiful place to be, but we do have tentative plans to expand our market and service to North Carolina as well in the near future. Photography is really much more than a business to me, it really is my life and I love sharing the way I see the world with others.

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