Meet a Wedding Jeweler in Athens, GA: Beth Cyr (4)

Today we have a lovely interview to share with jewelry designer Beth Cyr, based in Athens, Georgia! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I started my business about 12 years ago and have been a full time working artist for a little more than a decade. I grew up playing in the woods and by the pond in our front yard. We would sleep out in our backyard and stare at the night sky until we fell asleep. Much of my childhood art was inspired by these elements, as are many of my current designs. I believe our natural resources should be protected and preserved so all the little girls and boys in future generations can play in natural forests and clean water and be able to enjoy the stars at night.

My partner, Alex, just recently quit his job to start working with me. We’re consciously looking to grow the business in a sustainable way.  In both our personal lives, as well as our business, we strive to have as minimal environmental impact as possible. From using recycled packaging material to 100% recycled metals, to composting and growing a lot of our food – we do what we can to leave a light footprint on the planet. We also support larger organizations that are working to have a larger impact, such as replanting forests or cleaning up the Great Lakes.

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