Meet a Wedding Vendor in Boulder, CO: ForTheMaids (5)

Today’s wedding vendor interview is with jewelery designer Auri Penner of ForTheMaids, based in Boulder, Colorado! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

Hello! My name is Auri and my husband Andrew and I opened our For The Maids jewelry shop about 3 years ago. We were just graduating from college when we decided that we wanted to start our own business. I had just recently taken up jewelry-making as a hobby — learning from YouTube tutorials and experimenting with craft store beads. I had another jewelry shop called Powder & Jade (which is still alive and kicking!) and I noticed I got several requests for bridesmaid jewelry. Around the same time, one of my friends from high school asked if I could make some earrings for her bridesmaids for her upcoming wedding. Needless to say, we recognized the need for customizable bridesmaid jewelry that could be given as a gift and so For the Maids was born!

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