How to Love on Your Wedding Guests (7)


Today’s fun guest post comes to us from wedding planner Laura Lambillotte of Happy Shindigs, based in San Diego, California. Enjoy:

When you think about the end of your wedding day, when all your guests are walking back to their cars at the end of the night, what do you think they’ll say? What parts of your special day will they remember? I often see couples get stressed out about what they should put their precious wedding dollars towards (we all know how quickly those dolla dolla bills fly out of your wallet when it comes to weddings). Of course everyone wants their shindig to be the happiest (see what I did there?). But, the truth is, you only have so many hours you can spend planning and dollars you can spend on this one day. So…how do you make sure that your guests leave your wedding talking about how yours was the best wedding they’ve ever been to? What is the one thing you should focus on? Here’s the secret…(hint, it’s not really a secret)…love on your wedding guests.

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