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Things Happy Couples Do Differently

Today’s insightful guest post about things happy couples do differently, brought to us by dating advisor Sarah Williams, is full of super practical suggestions for nurturing a happy relationship! Enjoy:

When in a couple, your whole world changes. For some, it’s quite the struggle. They feel obligated to make compromises, feel like they are missing out on a lot now that they have someone to share everything with, and often keep things to themselves, or try to guess what their partner isn’t telling them.

But there’s the other type of couples too. It’s where balance is over everything else. The 2 people are grateful to have found each other and nothing else matters. They are smiling and laughing most of the time, and don’t pay much attention to the issues that come up every now and then that have the potential to turn into arguments.

So, what’s their secret? We’d all want to be more like them. To feel blessed when in a couple, rather than as if we’re settling down. Well, there are a few things happy couples do differently than the rest. Let’s see what these are, why they work, and how we can try them in our relationship:

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