How To Help Your Groom Relax For Your Engagement Session (5)

Today’s  guest post, brought to us by Emily Chappell Photography, is full of great ideas for having a fun and relaxed engagement shoot. Enjoy!

Congratulations, brides-to-be! You’re recently engaged, you’ve hired a wedding photographer, and now you’re gearing up to take your engagement photos! This is such a sweet season of life and a wonderful opportunity for you to learn how your photographer operates behind the camera before the wedding day. I imagine you’re super excited to get some awesome images taken of you and your fiancée – except, maybe he’s not entirely into it. In fact, maybe your groom-to-be has expressed his absolute DREAD regarding your upcoming engagement session! Rest easy – this is not uncommon! Many guys tend to shy away from the idea of having their photo taken, especially by someone they don’t know all that well! Having been a wedding photographer for several years, I’ve learned some measures that you can take in order to help ease your guy’s fears and concerns, and ultimately help him loosen up at your engagement session!

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