Today’s helpful guest post comes to us from Kimberli Lowe Photography in Fort Worth, Texas. Enjoy!

When planning your wedding, budget, compromise and prioritization is the key to staying on track. No matter what kind of wedding you are planning, chances are good you have to monitor finances. Finding ways to stretch that budget means being able to fit in all of your wedding day vision without taking on a 2nd job. High profile vendors provide the best budgeting opportunities.

Considering your funds, your 3 highest priced categories are generally venue, catering, photography. Economizing without sacrificing on these 3 categories is actually easier than you might think. Start by creating a list of your top 2-3 vendors in each category and then narrowing it down. Meet them in person, whenever possible. While a portfolio might be impressive, ensure there is a great vibe between you and the vendor. Working around personality conflicts is not something you want to do on your wedding day.

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