A Photographer's Top 5 Wedding Tips (1)

Today’s lovely guest post comes to us from Paige Young of Apaige Photography, based in Georgetown Township, MI.

Wedding planning can become super overwhelming. I remember becoming engaged and being completely overwhelmed with the next steps. However, I had an advantage, as I had photographed over 80 weddings, and knew what the day entailed and what I needed to book and organize. I began researching vendors first, I think this is something that is extremely important. A wedding needs a place, and a wedding needs service vendors. Being a photographer, that was the first vendor on my list to figure out. There are so many great photographers out there, there are so many kickin’ DJ’s out there, and there are enormous amounts of venues that are breathtaking. Being a creative, I wanted to share a few helpful hints and ideas to help choose ‘your people.’ I will discuss more of the photography side of weddings since that is what I am familiar with, but a lot of these things can be applicable to other vendors as well.

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Meet a Wedding Photographer in Georgetown Township, MI: Apaige Photography (4)

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Today’s wedding photographer interview is with Ashley of Apaige Photography, based in Georgetown Township, Michigan! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

My name is Ashley, although I go by Paige. I started photographing at the age of 16, and interned with multiple wedding / studio photographers in high school. After that introduction, I fell in love with the reactions received from imagery, and decided to go to get further educated on the discipline of photography. From 18-22 I went to college, first at a community college (Lake Michigan College in Benton Harbor, MI), and then transferred to Grand Valley State University to finish my Bachelors’ in Photography, and Advertising. Within those years I also got a minor in Business so I could have the ability to run my own efficiently. The roots of my work have been providing confidence in (mostly) women. I began this body
image project around the age of 20, and it has been the focus of my non-clientele work.

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