A Catholic wedding in Italy

A Catholic wedding in ItalyPhoto Credit: Alessandro Silenzi

Do you dream of a destination wedding in Italy? If so, today’s post from Chiara of  Wedding Marche (Macerata, Italy) is for you! Enjoy:

Have you ever dreamed of living a “romantic getaway”? Of taking a plane and flying to one of the Countries of love par excellence such as Italy and marrying in the land of Paolo and Francesca, of Romeo and Juliet, of Dante and Beatrice… and to come back with the wedding bands on the fingers, fresh and relaxed after a honeymoon enriched by the sea, sun, countryside, history and culture? Until a few years ago, this was “something for VIPs” or something that only “the rich” could do, today this is no longer the case!!!

Flights are becoming ever cheaper and the internet offers endless opportunities to find solutions for all tastes and above all for all wallets!

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