Get to Know a Wedding DJ in Ontario, Canada: LC Productions (5)

Today’s wedding DJ interview is with Derek Lamoureux of LC Productions based in Ontario, Canada! Enjoy:

Tell us about yourself and how you started.

My parents wanted my first and middle initials to be DJ (Derek James). My DJ name- “Lamchops” has been passed down from generations. With the last name of Lamoureux and playing sports it just fell into place, DJ Lamchops. From the age of 8 I started into music and drama. I always had an interest for finding songs that fit together while driving in the car on family road trips. I was always really good at public speaking and being in front of a crowd. It wasn’t until a family member got remarried that I decided to try DJ’ing. I was 15 and picked up my first DJ controller and spun my first wedding. From there I started in the local clubs and started spinning at local school dances. Then one thing led to another and now I DJ at clubs, schools, corporate parties, and of course weddings.

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