Necklines for Sleeveless Wedding Dresses (2)

Today’s fun and informative guest post comes to us from wedding planner Emma Williams of A’Bulae, based in Minneapolis, MN! Enjoy:

Wedding planners, brides, and designers: don’t be overwhelmed by the litany of details on a wedding to-do list. This quick and handy glossary wedding dress styles will help the bride-to-be select the style dress they want to wear on her big day. Six classic wedding dress silhouettes are defined, with tips for the bride. Read this quick guide to shopping for a wedding dress.

Wedding dress styles for the bride, bridesmaids, and guests can vary from the modest to sexy, depending on the design of the dress. Besides the fit, the silhouette, neckline, and sleeves will influence if the style is conservative, sensuous, or seductive. Brides and guests of all body shapes can find a sleeveless wedding dress to suit their style. Consider these necklines that are classic silhouettes popular for any bride’s wedding dress.

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