Turning Your Ceremony Location Into Your Reception Site: Ensure Your Wedding Day Flip Doesn't Flop (5)

Today’s informative guest post comes to us from Leigh Karsch of La Petite Fleur Weddings, based in Philadelphia, PA! Enjoy:

Flip, turn, somersault… these are all terms (albeit, the last one’s kind of a ‘stretch’) that industry pros use when referring to the process of changing a space— typically mid-event, while guests are celebrating— to serve a different purpose for the same affair.  In the wonderful world of weddings, a ‘flip or turn’ is necessary when both the ceremony and reception are held in the same space—literally in the same ballroom, pavilion, deck, etc.— at a venue. Subsequently, ‘flipping’ the space typically occurs during cocktail hour (which isn’t a full hour since guests need time to travel to and from the spaces).  So, you can see why these industry terms are pretty appropriate, because in order to make something like this happen, there is a bit of acrobatics (and sometimes even smoke and mirrors) involved.

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