Choosing A Photography Career (7)

AChoosing A Photography Career (7)

Today’s guest post comes to us from Karl Johnson of Color Experts International, based in Leesburg, VA! Enjoy:

Photography is one of those ‘happy professions’ which comes out of passion. Job of a photographer includes creativity, passion, innovation, challenge, and excitement. This is one of those creative profession where degree comes second to creative experience. Before determining it as a full-time profession, you must completely be sure of what you really want to do or where do you want to see yourself in future. Being passionate and doing great in photography may not come together. Your interest should reflect in your work, otherwise, only passion won’t sell in the market. If photography comes to you naturally and appreciations drop by you often, then you should stop hesitating to take the step forward. And if you think you lack adequate passion for it, then dedicated hard work can take to the finish line. Let yourself decide which path you’ll take.

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