Guide to Rustic Wedding Dresses (5)

Photo Credit: Alex Veil Bridal

If you’re planning to have a rustic wedding and are in need of some fashion inspiration, then today’s lovely guest post brought to us by Wedding Forward (Toronto, ON) is for you!

The current rustic wedding trend is a very freedom-loving style, but with the small bit of pompous luxury. The traditional rustic fashion emerged as part of the everyday garb of American gold miners in the 19th century. A few decades later, fashionable women from the 70s recalled it. And in 2009, the rustic style again returned triumphantly to the catwalks, remaining in the hearts of both fashionistas and wedding designers. Moreover, it remains relevant to the present day. How rustic style presents in the current wedding style? How to choose the rustic ball gowns for the rustic wedding ceremony? And what are the most popular rustic wedding dresses for today? Read below!

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