Meet a Wedding Photographer in Sacramento, CA: Fits and Stops Photography (6)

Today’s wedding photographer interview is with P.J. Oswald of Fits and Stops Photography, based in Sacramento, CA!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

The name. It always starts with the name: “So, why Fits and Stops?” they ask. My family had saved our pennies for a long-awaited trip to Scotland. Knowing just how beautiful the green and gray landscape would be, we purchased our first DSLR camera. I wasn’t all that interested, actually, as my wife Erica was the one who’d taken photography classes in high school. But once I got my hands on the camera—photographing the castles and closes of Edinburgh—I just couldn’t set it down. And neither could I set it down once we returned home to Sacramento. I was hooked.

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Intimate Mansion Wedding in Pennsylvania (18)

Intimate Mansion Wedding in Pennsylvania (2)

Today’s real wedding brought to us by Fits and Stops Photography, is brimming with vintage details and takes place at an amazing venue! Here’s more about the wedding and the happy couple from Fits and Stops Photography:

I awoke that morning to light spilling through unfamiliar lace curtains. I hadn’t noticed them the night before. I’m not sure I noticed much of anything after arriving late to this rural Pennsylvania town the preceding night. But a good night’s sleep later and I was ready to photograph this destination wedding…at the Murder Mansion.

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