Flower Ideas and Inspirations for Your Spring Wedding (4)

Hooray, Spring is here! Today’s guest post, brought to us by  Kasey Grossman of Park Ave Studio, is full of tips and inspiration for selecting the perfect flowers for your Spring wedding! Enjoy:

Spring is a time for new beginnings, so it is a perfect season for you to begin your marriage and life together. Springtime is all about colors! Spring is also a marvelous time when many flowers are back in season. For you, this means a wide array of beautiful options to choose from for your fairytale day. There will be floral options to compliment everything you and your significant other have decided on for your spring wedding.

Flowers are one of the focal points of a wedding so choosing the correct ones are important. The wide variety of colorful flowers allows for accents throughout the ceremony, attire and reception. To celebrate this vibrant time, purples, blues and pinks are the most popular colors for springtime ceremonies. If these colors seem too primary for your taste, do not worry. Varying shades of these colors will allow you to personalize all aspects of your day, which can be incorporated not only into the flowers, but decorations, attire and table settings as well. No matter the color palette you choose, you can bet there will be flowers to match seamlessly.

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Choosing the Flowers for Your Winter Wedding (3)

Today’s guest post comes to us from Tom Owens of Park Ave Studio, based in Sayville, NY. Enjoy!

While it’s true that some flowers may be out of season during the cold winter months it is also true that you have plenty of gorgeous and breathtaking options to choose from. No matter the color palette you and your betrothed have selected for the day’s festivities you can bet you’ll have the floral selection available to compliment the momentous occasion.

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Meet a Wedding Photographer in Sayville, NY: Park Ave Studio (9)

Today’s interview is with New York based wedding photographer Brian Ozegovich of Park Ave Studio! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

My company’s name is Park Ave Studio. I am the owner and main photographer. I have a staff of eight people who help me with my photography and videography. I decided that in order for me to become financially successful in the industry, I had to let go some of the control and have some other people work for me. I trained them my way so I was confident that any of my clients would receive the same care and attention to detail that I would provide personally. And it seems to have been working well for almost 30 years.

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