Meet a Wedding Videographer in Toronto, ON: Giancarlo Studios

Meet a Wedding Videographer in Toronto, ON: Giancarlo Studios

Today’s wedding videographer interview is with Giancarlo of Giancarlo Studios, based in Toronto, Ontario! Enjoy:

Tell us about your company, how did you get started?

We do wedding videos. We are a small, bespoke film company based in Toronto, Canada and we love to express our artistic visions through storytelling, We specialize in wedding films as we sincerely believe a story is best told through moving pictures.

Back in 2011, my sister, who now works with me as my second shooter, got herself a DSLR and started getting into photography and videos. She would come to shoot random family events and other subjects of interest and I was always impressed with her video edits that I started to play around with videos soon after. I’ve always been interested in video in my younger years but back in the day, I didn’t own a computer powerful enough to render them. With the advent of more powerful computers, I now have the opportunity to really play around with NLEs and unleash creative potential. To make this long story short, I was inspired by my sister to really get into this type of work and the positive responses we get along the way is enough fuel for us to keep going and strive to be better after every shoot.

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