Bridal Shower Advice from the 1940's (3)

Today’s fun guest post comes to us from  Maddison Wallace of Paperlust! Enjoy:

In 2017, for better or worse, wedding planning revolves around the internet. From dreaming up your day on Pinterest, reading wedding blogs for advice, shopping for wedding invitations online or finding the perfect venue, it’s hard to know where you would even begin without it! In previous generations, of course, no such thing existed, so bridal magazines, books and help from family and friends were necessary. In 1942 a book titled ‘Your Wedding: How to Plan and Enjoy It’ was published in America. The author, Marjorie Binford Woods, was the editor of Modern Bride Magazine and gave advice about every aspect of wedding planning, including the bridal shower. The book was a huge success, with revised editions and fresh print runs right into the 1980s. So how did some of that advice age?

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