Three Ways To Blow Your Wedding Budget (1)

Today’s guest post brought to us by Krista Olynyk of KJ and Co., is full of super practical wedding budget advice. Enjoy:

Each KJ and Co. client starts out with 4 tried and true worksheets. By far, the most important of these is their wedding budget spreadsheet. There’s a lot of research and experience behind the numbers I allot to each category, lest you think the complicated cell formulas do all the work. I take the time to consider each wedding’s budget, details, and wish list carefully before the spreadsheet heads off into cyber-space to my clients. Unfortunately not every couple has my help – or my help soon enough! Here are some of the biggest budget blunders couples are making on a regular basis:

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white flowers decorations during outdoor wedding ceremony

Budgeting your wedding is no easy task—and it’s probably the least fun part of the wedding planning process. Sometimes life events cause the budget to grow or shrink. Fortunately, there are many ways to cut down on wedding costs and keep your expenses low. Cutting down costs always means that a level of compromise is involved. However, compromise doesn’t mean that the wedding still won’t look as beautiful as you always dreamed it would. Here are a few ways to cut down on costs while still throwing a fabulous and seamless wedding that will be remembered by your entire party.

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