Budgets and Tabletops Demystified by Each and Every Detail (2)

Today we have a lovely styled shoot to share with you, styled three ways to show exactly what you get at three different price points! Here’s wedding planner Brooke Millis of Each & Every Detail to tell us more:

As wedding planners, one of the most common conversations we have with our couples involves budget numbers, their Pinterest board, and a tough conversation about how much this centerpiece or that charger actually costs.  We love working with couples to find a style and look that can be achieved within their budget, but we find that there’s a lot of heartbreak early on due to the fact that price tags are hard to find online.  With this styled shoot, we wanted to show how specific elements can increase or decrease your budget while altering the overall look of your tablescape.  We also included mock budgets for the entire wedding, so that couples can get a sense of how what they see on the tabletop relates to the overall style and cost of their wedding.  These prices are definitely based on our Dallas-Ft Worth market, and will vary from place to place.

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