Today’s heartfelt guest post, brought to us by author and freelance writer Troy Lambert, offers some important food for thought when it comes to preparing for the unexpected. Enjoy:

“Wake up Troy. There’ something wrong.”

They were the words that started one of the toughest days of my life. My fiancée has a rare disease. So rare there isn’t even a name for it. It’s a chronic disease, but although one in two women will develop heart disease, one in three will develop cancer, and over 8% of the population has diabetes, only six other people in the world have ever been diagnosed with Abigail’s condition.

While usually there are warning signs, things that let us know an episode is coming, this time things happened really fast. The ambulance came, and three days later, we left the hospital. She felt better, but a specialist in Seattle wanted to see her as soon as possible. In the middle of wedding planning, when things were really coming together, we had each lost three days of work, and the upcoming trip meant we would each lose at least a few more, not to mention the cost of the trip.

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