Hey Foodies, today’s guest post from Jyl Deering of Chancey Charm is for you! We’ve got some scrumptious recipes courtesy of Forklift Catering, while Jyl shares some excellent tips for a perfect cocktail hour, a delectable sample menu and artfully some styled food photography. Enjoy:

7 Tips for a Perfect Wedding Cocktail Hour

  • Make sure the food isn’t messy. Nothing is worse than needing the photographer to dodge the giant stain on your husband’s white button-down shirt.
  • Keep it light + refreshing! Cocktail hour sets the mood for the rest of the evening. Don’t serve heavy foods, as you want your guests wanting more rather than leaving them feeling stuffed and unable to eat dinner or dance!
  • If you’re thinking of serving something a little different, like venison or lamb, try it during cocktail hour. A different protein can be hard to please at dinnertime, but one bite of it at cocktail hour might just be the perfect opportunity for your guests to try something different!
  • Stick with your theme. Consider your wedding theme when choosing, serving or displaying your food throughout the event. Remember, your theme should be present during cocktail hour. A beautiful garden wedding will best be remembered not only by the breathtaking scenery, but also by the fresh, light and seasonal food profiles that accompany it.

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