Wedding Dresses Throughout The Years (2)

Today’s fun and fashionable guest post comes to us from Alain of Eden Manor Bridal, based in Wexford, Ireland. Enjoy!

Wedding dresses have traditionally been considered to be a symbol of commitment and love for a bride and groom on their wedding day. The colour of white has been traditionally used and symbolises the purity of the bride’s soul. However, this colour wasn’t always a popular option at weddings. During the 18th and 19th centuries, women chose to get married in a white wedding dress if they could afford it, rather than choosing the colour due to its connotation with purity. Before the Victorian times, a bride got married in many different colours including black which was really popular in Scandinavian countries. The white dress for weddings was made popular by Queen Victoria who married Prince Albert back in 1840. She wore a lace-trimmed white satin dress with a lace veil and an orange blossom wreath, as opposed to a crown. The main colour preferred at the time was red so it was definitely an eye-catching moment to see the Queen wearing white instead.

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