Meet a Wedding Officiant in Cagliari, Italy: Claudia Murroni - Humanist Celebrant and Ritual Maker (2)

Today’s interview is with Claudia Murroni, Humanist Celebrant and ritual maker in Italy ! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I am an Italian woman in my forties, living in the wonderful island of Sardinia in Italy. I love my island, its perfumes, colours and shapes, the delicious food and friendly people. But I also love traveling and after taking the degree in international studies I lived abroad (Spain and England) for many years before coming back to Sardinia and founding a destination wedding planning agency  in the 2006 with a very good friend. We are solely dedicated to organize bespoken wedding in Sardinia for foreign couples. I have been writing and performing ceremonies ever since.

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