Meet a Wedding Photographer in Philadelphia, PA: Magdalena Studios (5)

Today’s wedding photographer is with Magdalena Kernan, Owner of Magdalena Studios, based in Philadelphia, PA! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I want to capture personalities, dynamic, and real moments. I want to tell raw, genuine and unique stories not just of weddings, but of relationships and live. The real moments mean everything to me. I’m passionate about capturing authentic moments and the love and closeness that is unique and different for every couple I get to meet. I’m not into stiff poses or anything generic because I like see past all that to capture the real you. Real life is what intrigues me. I want to listen to your stories and reveal them with my camera. Connection and trust, as well as an intentional aesthetic, will lead to powerful and true images so your story can be relived through them for years to come. I love working with couples that value photography and trust my creative process! We are located near New York City and available worldwide.

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