Get to Know a Wedding Photographer in Wilmington, NC: Tom Sapp Photography (1)

Today’s interview is with one of our Certified Lovely wedding photographers, Tom of Tom Sapp Photography based in Wilmington, NC! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

I live in a tourist destination location expected to double in population in the next year. It slacked off for a few years while people were building back their spending money for that celebratory beach vacation. I didn’t mind. To me it just meant I could fish more. The population increase makes for a positive outlook in terms of continuing to live the lifestyle I love, the only one I have known since being under my parents wing.

I’ve been in business since 02 for myself after photo school and assisting for a few years. I haven’t really had to do much to stay in business since I moved back to my home area in 2004. For a long time I thought the force was strong in me, guiding me. I love sci-fi movies, fishing for big game fish right off the beach where I live. I love going around in my boat at night with bright lights looking down to find beautiful live conque, clams, scallops and giant flounder.

Everywhere I go around globe I see beauty. This area, eastern NC, is a part of who l am on the inside. Here I don’t just see beauty I feel it everywhere, all around me. This definitely helps with staying positive and making people happy for a living.

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