3 Big Differences Between an American and Chinese Wedding (7)

Photo Credit: Greenphoto Wedding

Today’s lovely guest post comes to us from Sophie Darling of WeddingDresses.com. Enjoy!

I attended a wedding in Taiwan last August, and the first thing that jumped into my mind as guests departed was “where’s the dance party?” It was a beautiful ceremony that involved a stunning bride and dashing groom, excellent food and great company, but I couldn’t help wonder why my dancing shoes went unused all night. It turns out that getting down on the dance floor isn’t how people celebrate weddings in Taipei!

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This infographic below created by Becca of Chris & Becca Photography breaks down some of the ways traditions are changing. Here’s Becca to tell us more:

Now more than ever, couples are breaking tradition and doing things their own way. Every couple is unique and may have their own reasons for breaking tradition, whether it’s because they find something too cheesy or they want their event to reflect their unconventional personalities. From major shifts in trends (like not taking the groom’s last name!) to small details like whether people proposing asked for permission or blessing from the father of the bride, brides and grooms are breaking the mold.

This shift in trends could be in part because couples are opting not to stress as much about the details of their wedding day, and instead focus planning an incredible party for themselves and their loved ones to enjoy. And traditions aren’t dying out entirely – many brides still opt to wear all white gowns, despite blush and champagne colors becoming more popular. The most important thing is that it’s become easier for couples to customize their day to perfectly fit themselves, rather than worrying about fulfilling traditional customs!

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